Meet and Team Info


For 2017, it is MANDATORY for ONE parent from each swimmers family (First year swim families exempt from this requirement) to get trained in a meet position (Scorer, Stroke and Turn, Starter, Referee). We are a small team and we all know it takes all of us to run the meets. This will with help us rotate the positions and should allow us to have plenty of trained parents for when families are on vacations, kids are at camps, illnesses, absences, etc. Don’t be afraid of not knowing what to do or not knowing enough about swimming to be able to do it – VPSU does a GREAT job at the training sessions and they will send you home with the rules/regs for your review. PLAN AHEAD SO YOU INSURE YOU CAN MAKE ONE OF THE SESSIONS.  BIG thanks to all those that have already signed up!

Here is an exhaustive list of Volunteer meet positions (trained and untrained) and the duties involved: Parent Volunteer Positions


We also always need team parents to step into positions on the Swim Team Board,  or the many Chairs that go into running a successful season. Here is a list of Positional Descriptions that will help you determine what the best fit would be for you in supporting the team:

Board and Chair Job Descriptions


FORMS (click to view) Here are a few of our pertinent team forms

Swim Team Rules and Regulations

Millpond at Stonehouse Swim Team Only Special Use Agreement

Champs Meet Qualifying Times

Competitive Rules

TEAM RECORDS (New records set this year highlighted in red)