Q: When do practices begin and what is the schedule?

A: Practices start immediately after Memorial Day, and are 4-6PM after school, and then once public schools let out, practices shift to 8-10AM on MWF and 8:30-10AM on T,R. There are two practices sessions, each half of the listed practice time, generally one for kids 11 and under, and one for kids 12 and over. Exact times will also be listed on the website’s team calendar prior the first practice.

Q: How many swim meets are there during the season and what is the schedule?

A: The meet season consist of 6 meets on Monday nights, stretching from the Monday after schools let out on.  If your child meets qualifying times for the Championship meet, or they are close and would like to try and get them, they will continue to practice, and there is a multi-team Summer Awards meet (also known as the ‘Last Chance’ or ‘Mini-meet’) held on The last Saturday in July.  If your children achieve a Championship qualifying time in any of the meets or Summer Awards meet, they are eligible to compete in the VPSU Championship Meet (or ‘Champs Meet’), where the top swimmers from all 19 of the area swim teams compete. This meet is held the first Sunday in August and is the final day if the season.

Q: How old does my child have to be before they can join the team?

A: There is no lower limit on how old a child must be to join the Splash Swim Team. Generally we can work with any 5 year old that has a modest amount of comfort in the water. At ages earlier than that, a child should be able to kick through the water and place their face in the water. Any child younger than 5 will be considered on a case-by-case basis based on the coaches comfort with them in the water.

Q; What’s the oldest age my child can swim?

A: No child may swim in our league if they are older than 18 prior to June 10th of the upcoming swim season.

Q: My child doesn’t have a great deal of swim experience, will it be ok for them to join the team?

A: If your child is 5 years or older, there is absolutely no swimming experience or prior lessons required before a swimmer can join the team. Many of our best swimmers have come on the team with their parents scared to death they were going to drown. Our Lifeguard trained coaches will teach to the level of all swimmers

Q: What does it cost to join the swim team?

A: The current normal registration cost is $90. This includes the full summer of team instruction as well as a free team t-shirt. There are a number of discounts available, such as early bird discount for registering prior to April 15th, multiple child discounts, new member referral discounts, and fundraising booster club membership discounts. You can find out more about these in our Registration section.

Q: What other costs will I have to incur?

A: The registration fee does not cover the cost of latex swim caps ($5 each), swimsuits (see Registration and Suits for cost info for current suit), or T-shirts for adults. Meet fees for the end of the season Summer Awards Meet and the Champs meet must also be paid by the swimmer’s family if they participate. These fees are usually $3-$4 per event.

Q: How can my child get more swim instruction?

A: There are a multitude of options for Stonehouse Swimmers to get more instruction both during the season and after the season is over. During the season, for beginner swimmers, the James City County Rec center JCC Summer Aquatics and YMCA YMCA Aquatics both offer lessons off-site, usually in a group setting, but also independently. The Team Coaches also offer one on one lessons on an as available basis. The team is currently also working together with Warhill HS Swim Coach John Poorman to run a group lessons class for swimmers all the way from 2-14 years of age in the 12-3PM period. For swimmers that begin to reach a more proficient stage, there are three aquatic clubs in town that focus on competitive swimming, 757swim,  Williamsburg Aquatic Club and Coast Guard Blue Dolphins. Both of these clubs run a very reasonable rate for an entire summer of some of the best swim instruction in town. Before the season has begun (and after it has finished), you may get your child extra lessons at any of the sources listed above (Rec Center, YMCA, WAC, CGBD, 757swim), and in addition the YMCA has a swim team in the offseason with two sessions (Spring and Fall), and the Rec Center runs a team-oriented program called Rec Racers. For the swimmers looking to seriously engage in the sport, WAC, 757swim and Coast Guard Blue Dolphins are generally the place where the most advanced swimmers end up, as their practice schedule is more substantial (as is the cost), and they are really geared to competitive swimming. Bottom line, we highly encourage lessons, especially prior to the beginning of the season and during the season.