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    Splash Nation:

    The VPSU (our league) has begun to lay out the parameters for an abbreviated season. We are currently evaluating whether or not we can manage a season with so much effort required, and to do it safely and abide by all requirements that would likely be involved. We are also awaiting word from the Millpond HOA as to whether they would permit practices and potentially meets at all. One thing we certainly have going in our favor is that we have about as huge an expert as we could possibly wish for to design and oversee this process, Chief Hospitalist at Sentara Careplex and Splash Team President Robin Olsen, who has been elbows deep working the pandemic this entire time!

    This is a quick look into what practice and meets will look like. Practices would start June 20th and would follow one swimmer per lane rules and social distancing and other safety requirements. Since there are no community pool allowances right now to permit leisure use of the pool, we may ask for additional time for practices, or we may have to shorten practices if restrictions ease for leisure use. There may be some socially distanced dryland activities to help build endurance to split groups up. As far as meets go, there is the possibility we will have kids on deck only, or parent and kid if they are too young. Timing and officials would be minimized. The concept of virtual meets (we swim our events at our pool, opponent swims events at theirs and we merge results) is also being discussed. There will be only four meets plus Champs. 

    One thing we have been asked by the league is just how many swimmers we will have for the season. This is extremely difficult since no one actually wants to go ahead and register for a season that may not happen. 

    To try and be fair to you, but also to determine exactly the kind of numbers we will have and parent support to try and get this done, we are asking EVERY family receiving this email to go to the below survey link. We are asking for names ( we can't count your results if you don't provide one), but all results will be kept confidential, and in no way, shape or form will you be judged for your answer. The survey is VERY simple. We will be asking for your name;  a yes, no, or maybe; and how many swimmers you would register. That's it. If you could take some time AS SOON AS YOU GET THIS EMAIL to take the extremely short survey, this will help tremendously in figuring out where we are in terms of a team. 

    Be advised, we would like you to respond even if you have registered already, or have indicated to us in an email you would definitely be swimming, so we can have complete statistics and don't have to merge data from different sources. We would also like only one response per family if possible. If you both respond, not a big deal, just makes for a little extra work. If you have families that live near you that have indicated they would swim if we have a season, feel free to forward this survey link to them as well, it is open. 

    Here is the survey link: 


    Please direct any questions as usual to [email protected]

    Thanks in advance for answering this survey in such a timely fashion! 

    Splash Registrar

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