We Have Ourselves a Season!

    Splash Nation, 

    We're pleased to report that we have come to an agreement with the Millpond HOA to allow us to start our summer swim season this coming Monday, with a much more workable schedule of 7:30-9:30AM. 

    We will need to start registering everyone who has not already registered now, so as to make sure we have all paperwork and numbers ready for that start date. The registration link is at the end of this email. 

    Clearly, this will be a markedly different experience than past year summer seasons. Due to state requirements, we will be limited to 3 swimmers per lane and as a result, we will be having 11&up practices in two shifts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We will have 10&under swimmers in two shifts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Swimmers will be required to maintain 6’ separation while not swimming from the time they enter the deck, and we will be wiping down touchable surfaces between sessions. Coaches will not have direct contact with swimmers, but will use tools such as pool noodles to provide flotation for younger ones while instructing, if they will be in the water at all. Parents will not be permitted on deck unless there is a swimmer emergency or child meltdown. 

    The substantially lower swim counts in each practice will offset the lower number of practices; that is, the practices will have a lot more personalized instruction.
    By league mandate, all our meets will be virtual. We will swim our collective events and load them into the Swimtopia system, and then the times will be merged. 

    Please note: We are 100% not focused on meets or meet results. What we hope we can provide this season is 1) great focused instruction and swimmer improvement, and more importantly 2) an experience that allows your kids to engage and in an activity that will lend at least a degree of a return to normalcy for their summer break! More than ever, we want this season to be ALL about fun and just escaping the cooped up confines of the living room and doing stuff with their friends in the neighborhood, even if at arm's length. 

    The Association has left screening up to us. All families must complete the attached form and then email a picture or scanned copy to [email protected] before their swimmers will be permitted in the water!! Additionally, each family will be required to submit a COVID-19 screening form, confirming that they do not have any listed symptoms and have not been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 since their last swim each day. That form is also attached. 

    The cost of registration is $70 with $7 off per each additional family swimmer which includes what promises to be a collectors edition t-shirt! There will be no requirement to buy a team suit this season. Caps will still be the same price if you wish to buy one.
    If you have registered already, you are likely due for a refund that we hope to get to you the first week. You do not need to re-register if you have already registered.
    Please use the following link to register, and don’t forget to download the two forms attached.


    Please direct any questions to [email protected]

    Splash On. 

    Splash Registrar

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