Coach Shelby and her coaching staff are excited to officially start the 2021 Summer swim season with your child(ren) today!  Just a reminder, practice for swimmers age 11 and up starts at 4PM at the Millpond pool, and swimmers aged 10 and below with swim from 5-6PM. There may be a little less swimming and a little more team building today,  but they will get wet at some point during practice!

    An important note: Only swimmers in the 11 and up session may attend practice without a parent on deck. For all swimmers 10 and below, a parent or other caretaker MUST remain on the premises during the practice period for their child.

    Additionally, all Stonehouse Glen swimmer parents are reminded that their special use membership at the Millpond pool only covers the practice time period. Glen residents are not permitted to remain on deck or arrive early to utilize the pool per Millpond HOA policy, unless signed in as a guest by a Millpond resident.

    Let’s get this party started!!

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