Splash Nation,

    It's hard to believe that the first meet is already upon us! Everyone has been improving so much during the past few weeks, we are excited to see where everyone is. These meets are a CRITICAL part of our instructional process....they allow us to establish a firm metric on progress that we can take into future meets. 

    We kick off the season against the Frogs of Windsor Forest, and we will be swimming in their pool. 

    Here are the big-ticket details for Monday’s meet:

    Opponent: Windsor Forest Frogs (Div 2)

    LocationWindsor Forest Pool , Wyndham Way, Williamsburg

    Showtime: 5:00- 5:15PM to get events on hands, and all capped and ready for Warmup start of 5:25. Meet start- 6PM. The meet should last 3 hours or so. 

    Uniform: Please have swimmers wear our meet suit and Splash cap if a cap is desired (vital for anyone with even a modest amount of hair). To obtain a Splash cap ($5), please see Addison Snyder or Trish Dollyhigh at the meet or at practice Monday morning. If you have a team t-shirt, please wear that as well as a show of force!

    Volunteer Requirement: all families must have one parent fill one open volunteer position in order for their swimmer to participate in the meet. Volunteer signups are located on the SwimTopia website. Should you fail to signup, and you are in attendance at the meet, you will likely be force-filled into a position you may not enjoy. Sign up for a volunteer position today if you have not already!! Here is a list of what each position does....the only ones that require any kind of prior knowledge are the Stroke and Turn Officials, and maybe head timer...all others can be filled by anyone. 

    Specific considerations: Monday will be on the warmer side, so please take measures to get your swimmers hydrated throughout the day, make sure they have sunscreen, and bring water to the meet! There is precious little shade as well. No chairs are provided at Windsor Forest, so bringing your own chairs is highly recommended.

    Usually meets have some type of concessions, but this year we are still leaning in the direction of bring your own. Windsor Forest has arranged pizzas, however, for anyone that wants to pre-buy them

    Preview: Windsor Forest is a small team, so the meet should move right along, but don’t let their size fool you. The Frogs have a huge tradition and have a few of the best swimmers in the league, so there should be some great races out there!!

    See you Monday night! Don't forget to volunteer! 

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