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Stonehouse Splash Summer Swim Team Late registration 2022

Welcome to the Swimtopia registration system for the Stonehouse Splash Swim Team. We are once again happy to have the services of Swimtopia for an easy registration experience! If you are registering again, you should be able to register with almost all your fields pre-filled from last year by logging in with the same email you used to register last year. If you are new to the Splash Swim Team, WELCOME!! You will need to fill out the full registration, but once you have done it once, you should be good for subsequent years! As always, if you run into something that doesn't quite make sense, just drop us a line at [email protected] Thank you and welcome (or welcome back) to the team!

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The Following Agreement shall be agreed to by any parent of a swimmer who is a non-resident of the Millpond at Stonehouse Home Owners Association. This agreement is intended to lay out the rules and restrictions that must be followed in order for a non-resident to hold a Swim Team Only Special Use Pass, which shall permit the non-resident the right to use the Millpond at Stonehouse pool under the terms and conditions listed below.

1. Children of the Stonehouse Glen Community/Fieldstone Estates and their parents or designated legal guardians who register for the Stonehouse Splash Swim Team shall be granted Millpond at Stonehouse Swim Team Only Special Use. (Hereinafter referred to as “The Use Agreement”) and be considered Swim Team Only Special Users, and as such are special guests of the Association at Stonehouse and its Board of Directors.

2. The Use Agreement shall be strictly restricted to the granting of the use of the Millpond at Stonehouse Pool and its attached dressing rooms/restrooms and on deck pool equipment and furnishings only. Use of the parking lot shall also be available to those parents wishing to attend practice, events, meetings, or swim meets.

3. The Use Agreement shall not be inclusive of any other amenities in Millpond at Stonehouse at any time, to include, but not limited to: the resident’s center building (including its internal restrooms and water fountains), the adjacent playground equipment, the tennis courts, the sports field, and attached gazebo, or the Orchard Hill pool complex.

4. The Use Agreement shall only be valid during the listed times per community management and the Millpond at Stonehouse Home Owner’s Association through its Board of Directors for the conducting of Stonehouse Swim Team practices, meetings, events, and its scheduled home swim meets. Use of or attendance at the pool shall not be permitted under any circumstances during any period before or after the scheduled practices, meetings, events and meets, unless formally signed in as a registered guest of a Member of the Millpond at Stonehouse Home Owner’s Association.

5. Those granted use by means of the Use Agreement shall fully comply with all pool rules and regulations as delineated by the Board Of Directors and the Association at Stonehouse, Inc.

6. The Use Agreement shall commence upon the start of the season (identified by June 1st, 2021), and shall conclude at the termination of the Stonehouse Swim Team season, identified as the VPSU Champs meet date (scheduled for August 6th, 2022).

7. Granting of the Use Agreement for the 2022 swim season in no way implies or suggests that such The Use Agreement shall be extended into future years.

8. The Use Agreement shall be for the benefit of the User Family only and is not transferable in any way whatsoever. By extension, the Use Agreement shall not permit its holder to invite any additional guests to the Millpond at Stonehouse Pool. Guests may only be invited to the pool by the Membership of the Millpond at Stonehouse Home Owner’s Association.

9. Penalty for violation of these regulations pertaining to pool use periods, restriction on use of non-included amenities apart from the pool, or any other Millpond at Stonehouse pool regulation or rule in force during the specified use period shall result in cancellation of the Use Agreement, and immediate expulsion from the team. Checking off this waiver and completion of the registration through to payment is a legal declaration by you that you understand the Terms and Conditions concerning the Millpond at Stonehouse Swim Team Only Special Use Agreement and agree that you and your swimmer shall abide by the same

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VPSU Waiver of Liability:

Virginia Peninsula Swim Union (VPSU) Consent and Waiver of Liability Consent for all terms listed below must be granted by the Parent or Guardian of each Swimmer before Registration for the team can be granted.

1. VPSU RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY: By accepting these terms and conditions, the registrant acknowledge(s) that in 2022, you, and/or his/her child(ren) or ward(s) identified below, may or will be attending and/or participating in swim practices and meets conducted by the Stonehouse Splash Swim Team (“Home Team”), which is a member of the Virginia Peninsula Swimming Union, a Virginia corporation (“VPSU”), at Home Team’s pool, owned and/or operated by Home Team or an affiliated entity (“Home Team Pool Owner/Operator”), in swim meets conducted by other swim teams of the VPSU (“League Teams”) at League Team pools, at the VPSU Champs Meet at the pool owned by the Williamsburg Indoor Sports Complex (WISC) Aquatic Complex or, Fort Eustis or, Midtown Aquatics Center, or by any other League Team (individually and collectively), and in activities associated with such teams, meets, practices and/or pools (individually, and collectively, such practices, meets, and activities are defined herein as, the “Event” or “Events”). I hereby further acknowledge and recognize that such attendance and/or participation in the said Events can be potentially dangerous and involve certain real and unpredictable risks, including without limitation injury or damage to person and/or property. As lawful consideration for the me and/or my child(ren) or ward(s) (individually and collectively, the "Releasor" and/or "Releasor(s)") being permitted to attend and/or participate in any Event, the undersigned Releasor(s) hereby: (1) agree(s), if he/she is a parent or guardian, that he/she will not permit any of his/her minor children or wards to attend or participate in any Event unless each is properly trained, medically able, and/or under proper supervision at all times; (2) agree(s) willingly to assume the risk of any injury to, or death of, any Releasor, and/or the risk of any and all damage to or loss of, any Releasor’s property, caused by any Releasor’s negligence or misconduct, and/or the negligence and/or misconduct of the Home Team, any League Team, any Home Team Pool Owner/Operator, VPSU, and/or any host venue and/or their respective officers, directors, members, employees, agents, subcontractors, representatives, and/or volunteer (individually, “Releasee” and collectively, the “Releasees”); and (3) release(s) from any and all liability, and agree(s) not to sue, or make any claim against the Releasees for any and all injuries, deaths, damages, and/or losses, including claims for attorneys fees (collectively, the “Claims”) arising from any Releasor's attendance at and/or participation in the Event and/or associated activities, whether or not any Claim was caused by any Releasor’s negligence, any Releasee’s negligence or misconduct, and/or any other cause. As lawful consideration for the Releasor(s) being permitted to attend and/or participate in any Event, the Releasor(s) further agree(s) to defend, indemnify and hold harmless, the Releasees from any Claims made by others as a result of any Releasor’s negligence and/or misconduct and/or from any Claims made by any parent, guardian and/or next friend of any Releasor. The undersigned hereby represents and warrants that this Release and Waiver of Liability is made by and on behalf of, and shall be effective against, the undersigned, any Releasor under the age of 18, and/or any other parent or guardian of any such Releasor. The undersigned further agrees that the Releasor(s) will abide by all rules established for the Events, including all safety rules, and any decision of officials of the Home Teams, League Teams, Home Team Pool Owner/Operators, VPSU and/or the hosting venue made in connection with any Event. THIS IS A RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY. DO NOT CONSENT TO THE RELEASE AND WAIVER IF YOU HAVE NOT READ IT COMPLETELY OR DO NOT UNDERSTAND OR DO NOT AGREE WITH ANY OF ITS TERMS

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Splash Team Release and Acknowledgement of Rules:

1. MEDICAL RELEASE: I further grant permission for appropriate medical treatment to be given to my child/children (as listed in the Registration section) in an emergency, and will be solely responsible for any medical costs which may arise, including but not limited to on-site paramedical care, medical transport of any kind, and treatments upon arrival at a hospital or other treatment facility. 

2. RULES AND REGULATIONS: I attest that I have read and fully understand the Stonehouse Splash Swim Team Rules and Regulations (click here to open up Rules and Regulations) and agree to abide by the same in its entirety. 

3. VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENT: As a parent-run organization, the parents of swimmers on the Stonehouse Splash Swim Team MUST volunteer in some capacity at all summer swim meets (click here for a Summary of Parent Work Positions). By agreeing to these terms, I agree that I will sign up and fill one of the available parent work positions for every meet as required by the team. 

4. OFFICIALS TRAINING: One parent from each swimmer family must sign up and attend either a Stroke and Turn, Starter/Referee, or Scorer training class. Failure to attend one of the training classes will result in the family being charged an additional $25 fee on top of normal team registration fees. 

5. CHILD SUPERVISION: I agree that I will be present (or have a responsible party over the age of 16 present) at all Swim Team Events (including practices, meets, and all other team fucntions) that my child(ren) are in attendance. Children above the age of ten years old may be dropped off at the start of practices only and picked up at the end of practice, or may transport themselves to and from practice without parental supervision.

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Volunteer Requirement and Child Removal From Meet

I fully understand that as a Stonehouse Splash Swim Team Parent, I MUST volunteer in some capacity at all summer swim meets (click here for a Summary of Parent Work Positions). By agreeing to these terms, I agree that I will sign up and fill one of the available parent work positions for every meet as required by the team, and understand that if I have been asked to fill a position and refuse, my child will be removed from the meet roster and will not be eligible to compete in that meet. 

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